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It’s a New Year, and did you leave your vacation days unused last year? “We know that vacations are very necessary so you can relax, re-engage and re-energize,” according to Professor Linda Duxbury in a recent interview with the Globe and Mail, and yet according to recent studies Canadians are leaving up to about 10 million of our precious vacation days unused each year. This breaks down to about 1.5 unused days per person.

Why do we do this to ourselves?! The top three reasons according to this Expedia.ca study are:

  1. It’s too hard with on our work schedules!
  2. It’s too hard on our pocket book!
  3. It’s too hard on our personal life!

In the age of smart phones and social media we find ourselves never really turning off. Not only do Canadians work longer hours, they take their work home with them. Unplugging from work has proven to give worn-down workers improved focus, creativity and productivity.

While trying to pay off our mortgages, tuition and personal debt, saving for a massive vacation can seem frivolous and unachievable. Don’t overlook the benefits of smaller, more frequent trips! Not only are they easier to afford, they may actually be more beneficial. When we plan a trip, we’re happy and excited in the weeks leading up to the excursion, and we stay happy for couple weeks after. Planning several short trips throughout the year spreads out the happiness, and lightens the financial load.

Trying to find a time that works for everyone to get away from the everyday can be tough. Work, school and extracurriculars keep us all busy, which makes it all the more important to make an effort to carve out downtime. Reduce the challenge by finding smaller amounts of time to experience something new, even if it’s just for the day. For your next vacation, think outside the box. Visit a museum and immerse yourself in local culture, expand your palette by planning a culinary tour, or unplug and slide away with the family for the day.

Getting away doesn’t have to mean flying away for a week. In order to recharge your batteries, think about planning a “daycation” instead. Start planning your custom adventure here. Waterloo Region has dozens of destinations to discover and explore.

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