Chef Tim Borys – The Lancaster Smokehouse

Chef Tim Borys – The Lancaster SmokehouseChef Tim Borys – The Lancaster Smokehouse

Photo Credit: Andrew Coppolino


Tim Borys – Lancaster Smokehouse


November 2016

Chef and co-owner of the popular The Lancaster Smokehouse in the Bridgeport neighbourhood of Kitchener, Tim Borys is a student of the great southern technique of low-and-slow barbecue. He’s learned by studying it, eating it, cooking it and working alongside Lanc founder and “General” Chris Corrigan.

Born in Mannheim, Ont., Borys, 27, attended the University of Waterloo, but left that academic calling for another: the culinary program at Toronto’s George Brown College. However, he returned to UW soon after and finished his degree concentrating on arts and business.

“Cooking won out in the education battle, says Borys. “I love learning the art and craft of barbecue, southern cooking and charcuterie.”

As an aside, Borys’ sister Martha does the baking and pastry-making at The Berlin in downtown Kitchener.

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We asked Borys a few quick-response questions; here’s what he said:

Explore Waterloo Region: Best thing you’ve ever eaten?
Tim Borys: Brisket from La Barbecue Food Truck in Austin, Texas. The pit-master noticed me down the line trying to peek inside the truck and literally tossed me a piece.

EWR: Other career you could have pursued?
TB: I have no idea.

EWR: Greatest failed recipe?

TB: Sourdough starter. Kept killing it and bringing it back to life for a month, and the three loaves I made from it tasted like nothing.

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