Doon Heritage Village is OPEN!

Doon Heritage Village is OPEN!Doon Heritage Village is OPEN!

Doon Heritage Village is a must-see living history museum on 60 acres that showcases what life was like in Waterloo Region in 1914. Not only are there lots of historic features, farm animals, and family-friendly activities, but there are also knowledgeable interpreters dressed in authentic 1914 dress.

Visitors will see a railway station, originally located in Petersburg, with a train engine that was constructed in 1911. There is also the Peter Martin House, constructed around 1820, which shows visitors the simple and unworldly living approach of the Old Order Mennonites who immigrated to Waterloo Region from Pennsylvania.

Explore the Shantz Barn, built in 1810, and the Shuh Barn, built in 1969. From storage of feed and machinery, to a rack-lifter, which loaded hay high up into the air for piling into tall mounds, both the Shantz and Shuh barns are excellent examples of historical farming operations in Waterloo Region.

Also on-site is a weavery. It is a lesser-known fact that Waterloo County was known for its weaving tradition. The weavery at Doon Heritage Village was constructed around 1845, though it was originally located on a farm in Waterloo County.

The Dry Goods and Grocery Store was often the centre of the community’s social and commercial activity. The store at Doon Heritage Village was built around 1830 in Delaware, Middlesex County. To keep up with modern inventions, the owner later installed a number of conveniences, such as an ice box, electricity, gas pump, and telephone.

Take in the beautiful flowerbeds, stunning views, and unique architectural features of Jubilee Park. The park was named in honour of Queen Victoria, whose Golden Jubilee was in 1887, and Diamond Jubilee was in 1897.

There is much more to see at Doon Heritage Village, located at the Waterloo Region Museum. From a Harness Shop, Tailor Shop and Post Office, to a Sawmill, Blacksmith Shop, Meat Market, Firehall, farm animals (May to September) and more. The village is open now until December 23rd!

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