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by Andrew Coppolino

They have been in existence for centuries, in one form or another, but over the past couple of decades there has been nothing less than a revival of the traditional farmers’ market which was commonplace before the era of industrial food manufacturing and processing.

While farmers’ markets such as the ones in Cambridge and Kitchener have been operating since the mid-1800s, a renaissance of the institutions has been driven in good part by consumer demand for access to fresh local food – and for a clear understanding where and how that food was grown and raised. At the same time, farmers’ markets, both small and large, have become robust, bustling community spaces.

In a relatively small geographic area in and around Waterloo Region and just outside of it in Wellington and Perth counties, there are at least a dozen farmers’ markets and country farm stores. Summertime, when new produce is rolling into the markets from the countryside each week, is an ideal time to get to know local farmers and celebrate local food with fellow market-goers who are your community neighbours.

outdoor view of the Downtown Cambridge Farmers' Market
Cambridge Farmers’ Market

Local Farmers’ Markets

Cambridge Farmers’ Market 

Elmira Farmers’ Market

Hespeler Village Market 

Kitchener Market 

ONroute Cambridge North 

Preston Towne Market 

St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market  

bushels of apples at Martin's Family Fruit Farm
Martin’s Family Fruit Farm

Country Market Stores

Herrles Country Farm Market 

Martin’s Family Fruit Farm 

Oakridge Acres Meat Store 


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