Tourism Counts in Waterloo Region!

Tourism Counts in Waterloo Region!Tourism Counts in Waterloo Region!

Photo Credit: Shaquille De Peazer

Have you ever wondered how important Tourism is to Waterloo Region?

Tourism brings outside dollars into our region, which results in economic development and job creation.

DYK: One in 11 jobs in Canada relies on the Tourism industry!

Tourism is a people business. It brings people together in different places for an experience or an event. However during the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism has largely been brought to a halt.

May 23-30, 2021 is Tourism Week in Canada – a seven-day coast to coast to coast event to recognize Canada’s tourism economy, and the impact it has on every community across the country. This year, we want to recognize the resilience of the industry through this unprecedented time.

We are calling on Canadians to take the 2021 Tourism Pledge To Travel In Canada. This is an invitation to come together and support our local tourism destinations, businesses, and employees.

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How does tourism contribute to Waterloo Region?

  • Creates employment
  • Promotes cultural awareness and helps preserve local culture
  • Encourages volunteerism (festivals, events and tournaments)
  • Builds community pride in the local population
  • Increases product development, spending and infrastructure improvements which benefit the local population

Quick Facts about Tourism in Waterloo Region*

  • 4,800,000 annual visitors
  • $357,280,000 is spent annually by tourists to Waterloo Region. Local restaurants, retailers, accommodations, transportation, the arts, and recreation all benefit from the dollars spent here
  • Tourism results in over 1,200,000 overnight stays
  • 2,583 local tourism-related businesses employ 26,820 people**
  • Waterloo Region is a bronze certified sustainable tourism destination

Waterloo Region's Sustainable Tourism Certification - Bronze

*Statistics reflect 2016 figures which are the latest available from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport*

**Statistics from Tourism Industry Association of Ontario Tourism Business & Jobs Per Riding**

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