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By Andrew Coppolino | May 2020

As the pandemic lockdown begins to open, food operations are slowly anticipating coming back into business. Among the first are the area’s food trucks.

Following closely the rules and regulations prescribed by Region of Waterloo public health and emergency services, food truck operators were back on the road in the last couple of weeks.

It’s a new “normal” for all food businesses as they’ve instituted the public health regulations at the same time they’ve incorporated their own barriers and modified their order, pickup and payment systems to keep both customers and staff safely distanced.

And yet it’s not new: like restaurant kitchens anywhere, hygiene and safe food handling is an anchor principle in the business. As one long-standing food truck operator put it, this isn’t new when it comes to cleanliness.

“We’ve always practiced food safety,” the operator said. “We’ve always washed our hands, used gloves when necessary, and sanitized. The truck is a kitchen. It’s what we do!”

The following annotated list gives you an overview of the food trucks operating in the area, including their most “popular” dish and how you can find out where they are going to be. (A good general source for finding many trucks is also Facebook.com/Kwfoodtrucks.)

The list is not comprehensive but tries to capture a range of trucks to look for and support as we get back to business – and back to delicious food-truck fare.

Please note: If there are Waterloo Region food trucks not mentioned, we’d love to include them so send a message. or invite your faves to fill out this form so we can add them. Also, a number of trucks have chosen not to operate this season, or will be late, due to delays with inspection, licensing bodies and the general climate of the coronavirus pandemic.


BeaverTails Mobile KW-Huron (since 2018)
Claim to fame: hot Beavertail pastries with toppings and savoury pastries too
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

Berlin 95 Diner (since 2014)
Claim to fame: German pork schnitzel with mushrooms, bacon and home-made sauerkraut
Find them: Facebook

Big Jerk Smokehouse (since 2015)
Claim to fame: Jamaican patties, jerk chicken, mango cheesecake
Find them: 70 Dumart Place, Kitchener | Facebook

Bingemans Boston Pizza truck
Claim to fame: Boston Pizza offerings
Find them: Facebook

Breakfast Blues & BBQs (since 2013; returning in June)
Claim to fame: Philly cheesesteak, Mushroom Cyclone Burger
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

Bruce Beast (since 2017) and Bruce Caboose (since 2015)
[not operating this season]
Find them: Facebook

Café du Monde Crêperie (since 2012; returning mid-June)
Claim to fame: Mediterranean crêpes of chicken, tomatoes, feta, Romaine and avocado-infused tzatziki
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

(currently not operating)
[Check out their store in Ingersoll]

Cibo Streetery (since 2018)
Claim to fame: Deep-fried lasagna with home-made noodles and sauce
Find them: Instagram | Website

Crazy Canuck (since 2014)
Claim to fame: taco beef, salsa, sour cream, nacho cheese sauce, lettuce in a bag of Doritos!
Find them: Website | Email

The Crumby Cookie Dough Company (since 2019)
[Note: currently focussing on their Uptown Waterloo store]
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Dundee Drivin’ Diner (since 2017)
Claim to fame: poutine with Quebec cheese curds; souvlaki and gyro pitas
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

Eating Clouds (since 2019)
[not currently operating]
Claim to fame: “cloud (éclair) donuts” with homemade marshmallow s’mores topping
Find them: Instagram

El Milagro Authentic Mexican Food (since 2017)
Claim to fame: loco burrito with ribeye, chorizo, bacon, rice, beans and jalapeño aioli
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

Fo’ Cheezy Gourmet Grilled Cheese (since 2013)
Claim to fame: the namesake Fo’ Cheezy grilled cheese with cheese puffs
Find them: Facebook | Website

Giordano’s Kitchen Co. (2018; on hold for several weeks)
Claim to fame: smashed meatball on toasted ciabatta with home-made garlic butter, deep-fried Mozzarella, marinara
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

Graffiti Market “Mix Tape” food truck (since 2020)
Claim to fame: burgers and other hand-helds, fries and poutine
Find them: patio set-up at Graffiti Market at Catalyst-137, Kitchener
Facebook | Instagram

The Grill on the Go
[Not currently operating for public]
Find them: Facebook | Website

Hangry Harry’s Food Truck (since 2020)
Claim to fame: Cubano sandwich and Cajun chicken Po’Boy
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

Harry’s Food Truck (since 2017)
Operates at 5865 Line 86 in Ariss.
Claim to fame: Great Canadian Burger and the “Trevornator”
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

Hemlock Street Burger Truck (2020)
Claim to fame: smash banquet burger with bacon and cheese
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

Hitched Coffee
[no plans to return at time of writing]
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

Ish & Chips (since 2013)
Claim to fame: haddock and chips with coleslaw and tartar sauce
Find them: FacebookWebsite

Jashan-e-Dawat (since 2017)
Claim to fame: butter chicken with rice
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

Kono Pizza (2017; not currently on the road)
Claim to fame: pizza kones and pasta
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

The Lancaster Smokehouse food truck (since 2014)
Claim to fame: many variations of their fried chicken sandwiches
Find them: booking for private events and parking lot at Lanc Smokehouse
Facebook | Instagram

MegaCone Creamery (since 2000)
Claim to fame: soft-serve ice cream
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

Mo’ Mac (look for Mo’ Mac in 2021)
Claim to fame: all things mac and cheese

Passado Brasil Food Truck (since 2020)
Claim to fame: deep-fried pastel (hand pies) with chicken or beef filling
Find them: Facebook | Website

Pierogi Pigs (since 2018)
Claim to fame: pierogies with bacon, fried onions, sour cream, Cheddar
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

Schmuck Truck (since 2012)
Claim to fame: arancini with mushroom, basil, goat cheese, tomato sauce and Parmesan
Find them: Facebook | Instagram | Website

The Serial Griller
[currently not operating]
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

S.W.A.T. Food Truck: Sandwiches With A Twist
Claim to fame: Cheese steak of shaved brisket, mushrooms, onions, Provolone
Find them: Facebook | [email protected]

Sweet Temptations (since 2015)
[not currently operating but visit their Gordon Street store in Guelph]
Claim to fame: mini-fried donuts
Find them: Facebook | Instagram | Website

The Wild Boar (since 2016)
Claim to fame: smash-burger, brisket, shrimp Po’Boy
Find them: Facebook | Instagram

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