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Pearl Van Geest

Table Location:
Coming to a patio near you Spring 2021!
Artist Concept Statement:
For Pearl, the Grand River running through the region is an endless source of inspiration. She is fascinated how, when the water is still, the mirrored shorelines become animal-like through the bilateral symmetry. Her concept is a celebration of the Grand River and its importance in the region – as a site to dream, imagine and wonder.
Reason for Participating in Art Fresco Public Art Project:
Pearl has worked as an art instructor at the Homer Watson House and Gallery for over 20 years. Sketching and exploration trips along the Grand have been a essential part of the programming that she designs for summer art camps. Pearl wanted to be part of the Art Fresco Project to share her appreciation of the river, and to provide a colourful and intriguing outdoor dining table to add to peoples’ experience of the region.
Artist Background:
Pearl Van Geest is a Guelph artist, art writer and visual arts educator who has been working in these fields since graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1996. She also holds a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Fine Art. She has exhibited her work widely across Canada, and has work in collections in the United States and Europe. Her work has been supported through Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council grants, and is part of the national Art Bank collection. Recognition includes being the recipient of the 2015 Canadian Art Foundation’s Art Writing Prize, being the inaugural Artist in the Community for the City of Guelph in 2014, arts writer in residence at Est-Nord-Est, Quebec in 2016; BAIR (artist in residence) at the Banff Center 2010 and 2014; as well as being the Artist in Residence for The Children’s Museum in 2004/05. She was also short-listed for the RBC painting prize in 2013. Recent exhibitions/events include Flow curated by Virginia M. Eichhorn, March 2019 at TheMuseum, Kitchener: Unbound: Between Protest and Parade for Nuit Rose, Toronto, 2018; Kiss Painting: Pride 2018, at the Toronto Pride’s street fair; and a solo painting show, Caught in the Act, at Coldstream Fine Art in Toronto, February 2019.

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