Oktoberfest: "Say Onkel!"

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Oktoberfest: “Say Onkel!”

Andrea Lorentz

Andrea Lorentz Art
Table Location:
Edelweiss Tavern
600 Doon Village Road, Kitchener, ON N2P 1G6
Artist Concept Statement:
Andrea was inspired to create a design that represented an iconic symbol of the region that would also be cheerful and whimsical. Naturally, Oktoberfest mascot Onkel Hans came to mind…what says “Kitchener” more than Onkel Hans? Oktoberfest is one of the biggest claims to fame for the Region of Waterloo, and Onkel Hans is instantly recognizable by residents of all ages.
Reason for Participating in Art Fresco Public Art Project:
During such a challenging time, Andrea felt it was essential for her to create something with a sense of humour. “If my design results in some laughter, I’ll be happy knowing it’s done its job! It’s a such a creative way to lift spirits and bring people together, and I think we all could use that right now,” said Andrea.
She saw the Art Fresco Project as a way for local artists to help connect the Waterloo Region community. By bringing art outdoors in a unique and accessible way, it brings our region together while still respecting social distancing measures.
Artist Background:
As a graduate of Conestoga College’s Graphic Design program and with 12 years of design experience behind her, Andrea is currently focusing on creating children’s illustrations and art. Specializing in a number of mediums including digital illustration, mixed media and acrylics, she loves to experiment with new ways to create cheerful and whimsical illustrations. In September of 2019, she joined the team of Art Instructors at Homer Watson House & Gallery, and she’s thrilled to be an instructor at the place where her love of art was fostered as a child.

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