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We’ve all been there: trudging through an airport, large bags in tow, trying to navigate huge terminals in an effort to find the proper gate and make your flight on time. Travelling can be hectic – and it can also be expensive. 

The past year has left many of us looking to simplify our lives – and that includes our travel plans. Here’s the good news: if you’re planning a trip, Flair Airlines is a new ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Carrier)  that specializes in keeping things simple. And, Flair offers flights from the Region of Waterloo International Airport, which means you’ll avoid the hassle and congestion of larger terminals while enjoying a full-service, customer-friendly airport. It really is travel made simple! 

In 2020, Flair Airlines arrived at the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF), offering direct flights to over 7 domestic destinations. Flair is always assessing and adding routes: in fact beginning this fall they will be adding two flights to Florida out of YKF! Flair is Canada’s only independent Ultra Low Cost Carrier and simple, affordable travel is what they’re all about.  


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If you’ve never travelled with a ULCC before, it’s similar to ordering off a menu at a restaurant. Just want the entrée? Then that’s what you order, and it’s all you pay for. Want to add an appetizer or dessert? You can do that too, and it’s simply added to your bill. Similarly, as a ULCC, Flair offers you a ‘menu’ of options that you use to customize your trip. Start with the extremely low-cost flight to the destination of your choice. If that’s all you’re looking for, you’re done – and that’s all you pay for! However, if you decide you’d like to add an additional carry-on or piece of luggage for an additional cost you can do that too. This way you decide what you need, and how much you pay for your flight. It really is travel simplified! 

If you’re looking for more ways to make your trip with Flair easier on you (and your wallet!), here are some ULCC travel tips (remember, the more you save on this trip, the closer you are to being able to plan your next vacation!) 

Pack Light – Really Light! 

With Flair, you’re allowed one personal item for the flight at no extra charge. So, if you can fit everything you need for your trip into a backpack, you’re all set! Think that’s impossible? There are lots of YouTube tutorials with great hacks to show you how it can be done!  

Need more than a carry-on? Bundle it! 

It’s not that you can’t bring extra bags on an ULCC – it just means you’ll pay more. So, if you want to bring a checked bag, go right ahead! 

Flair offers Bundle packages that allow you to add to your flight while still saving money. (Note that bundles must be purchased when you book your flight, so make sure you know what you need ahead of time.) Flair’s Bundles also include TravelFlex – which allows you to make changes to your trip penalty-free.  

BYOB – Bring your Own Book 

…or your own music, or whatever you’ll need to pass the time during your flight. At present Flair does not offer Wifi, so make sure you’ve downloaded everything onto your device. The real advantage to this is you’re guaranteed to enjoy whatever you’re watching or reading (you chose it afterall!), and you’re not relying on whatever entertainment options the airline offers.  

Do Everything Online 

With Flair, you can plan your trip and book everything online. This allows you to make plans on your schedule, and it’s a faster way of putting your plans in motion. 

If you have questions, simply email a member of Flair’s Customer Service Team and they’ll email you back with your answer. While you can call to speak with a Flair representative, doing things online is generally faster and easier(You can also contact YKF with questions regarding Flair’s flights from the region.) 

Read the ‘Before you Fly’ checklist 

I know, we all say we’ll do it – but really, REALLY read the checklist! It walks you through everything you need to do and everything you need to know to make sure you’re ready for your flight. It also lists the enhanced safety measures Flair has in place including mask requirements – all designed to make you feel safe and secure from the time you enter the plane until you arrive at your destination.  

Speaking of safety, it’s worth noting that commercial aviation is highly regulated and monitored, so when it comes to airplane safety the rules are the same for all airlines, including ULCC’s like Flair. 

Here’s to affordable vacations and travel made simple! To find out more about Flair’s flights from the Region of Waterloo, check out the website.  


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