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Home to Oktoberfest – the largest Bavarian festival outside Germany, Christkindl Market – one of the country’s marquis Christmas experiences, and of course, a thriving Mennonite community, Ontario’s Waterloo Region has become an internationally recognized hub that combines big city flair with small town charm.

Within the region, outdoor, culinary, and cultural adventures await to be explored, devoured, and discovered. Small, lovely, and quaint villages dot the exquisite countryside while eager hosts greet you like long lost friends, excited to showcase their hidden gems, local produce, and rich history.

a man standing in front of a mural painted on the side of a building in the Village of St. Jacobs. The painting depicts a horse and buggy travelling on a gravel road, with a farm scene and river also on it

One such village known for its traditional hospitality, mouthwatering grub and cultural authenticity is St. Jacobs. Located just 90 minutes west of Toronto, it looks and feels like a world away. Complete with an eclectic, vibrant and historic Farmers’ Market, St. Jacobs is also home to a modern village that offers a splash of nostalgia, and makes for both a perfect day trip and weekend getaway for everyone yearning for a piece of tranquil, yet adrenaline-filled, and delicious bliss.

Whether you’re arriving by car, bus or even through YKF, Waterloo Region’s International Airport, your first stop should be Canada’s largest year-round farmers’ market. Incredibly but unsurprisingly, St. Jacobs Market District attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, including many from around the world. Open since 1975, the farmers’ market now boasts hundreds of vendors at various locations within the district, including the Indoor and Outdoor Market, Market Tent, and Peddler’s Village. Here, you’ll find everything from baked goods, local fruits and vegetables, honey, and artisanal meats and cheeses to fresh cut flowers, antiques and collectables, furnishings, housewares, and clothing.

photo of the outside of the main market building at the St. Jacobs Farmers' Market in the fall. Some people wearing light jackets and masks are walking around outside.

But beyond the tangible attributes, the intangible ones truly make this market special. Fire destroyed the main building in 2013, leaving not only local farmers and residents shocked, but also those who’ve come to know and love the market for its people, products and atmosphere. Thankfully, neither people nor livestock were harmed as the community was inevitably left to pick up the pieces and rebuild. But within weeks, a vendor relief fund was established, and in less than two years, a 34,000 sq. ft permanent facility was opened. Talk about community tenacity to come together for the greater good! Local farmers and small businesses warmly welcomed back visitors who were more than motivated to return the favour and show their support.

Meanwhile, Waterloo Central Railway is a lovely heritage railway that offers 90 minute relaxing train rides through St. Jacobs en route to Elmira, Ontario. Whether you ride coach or first class, views of the Region’s rolling, expansive landscape and farm land, as well as the Conestogo River are fun, and memorably scenic.

The front of a vintage train as it comes into the station in St. Jacobs
A man stands in the first class lounge of a vintage train car that is part of Waterloo Central Railway

Located only 3km from the Market District, the Village of St. Jacobs offers the best sights, sounds and flavours of small town Canadiana. Here, the pitter patter of horse and buggy traversing the town centre is matched by lively conversation on the sidewalks, in the cafes, and on restaurant patios. Small in size, yet big in heart and soul, the Village is home to a number of eclectic establishments that will feed your curiosity and persuade you stay and explore a little longer.

Start your adventure with Art Walk, a series of lovely and poignant murals scattered around town. Each tells a story reflecting key aspects of the people, land, culture and history of the community. Stephanie Boutari’s ‘St. Jacobs’ mural features striking 3D block letters, celebrating the natural beauty that surrounds the Village, while Trisha Abe’s work entitled, ‘In Bloom’, illustrates the diversity, nature, brightness and warmth found in St. Jacobs. ‘Quilt’ by Stephanie Scott brings to light the tradition of quilt making in the Region, while Luke and August Swinson’s, ‘Conestogo River Scene’, showcases the various birds to be found here.

a mural of several different types of birds around a waterway, including a heron in the water with a fish in its mouth. Painted on the side of a building in St. Jacobs by Indigenous artists Luke and August Swinson

Let’s talk shopping! Over 100 boutique and specialty stores are located here, including several specializing in clothing, jewellery, arts and crafts. The Village silos have been transformed into a pottery studio while Hamel Brooms, located nearby and open since 1908, was recently crowed the last corn broom manufacturer in Canada. These days, it’s rare to see any product being made in front of you, much less a quality one. But here, brooms are made in shop daily for all to see, reflecting the tradition of old world craftsmanship, and an uncompromising mantra of using quality materials to produce exceptional products.

photo of the open doors leading into Hamel Brooms shop in the Village of St. Jacobs. The shop has a nostalgic look, and you can see handmade brooms inside
A photo of the Silos Shops in St. Jacobs. The sign for Conestoga Pottery hangs on one of the three large silos, and you can see the entrance to the pottery shop

Meanwhile the food and drink scene is hot! Whether you want to perk up with a certified organic, fair trade coffee from EcoCafe & Village Roasters, indulge your sweet tooth with a baked good from The Shed by LenJo Bakes, wind down with dinner at Jacob’s Grill and cap the day with a pint or glass of wine of wine at The Village Biergarten, St. Jacobs is a place that is meant to be enjoyed, and savoured. Take a stroll, take your time, and go with the country flow.

A mural by Trisha Abe on a boutique wall in the village of St. Jacobs.
A person with a phone taking a picture of a large mural in the village of St. Jacobs


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