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Vintage Fest takes you back in time for a weekend-worthy adventure

by KWFamous | May 2023

Waking up on the morning of an antique show is something special. There’s a sense of relaxation to the morning, but also urgency to get there early and find the best things. Getting out of bed is easy, though. You’ve slept in a bit, and head out with a sense of urgency to get to the show – you know, you’ve gotta be there early to get the best stuff. 

You’ve only ever been to Market Road Antiques in the winter to check out the indoor vendors, but today the parking lot is alive with an additional 50+ vendors getting ready for a long weekend full of vintage shoppers, out to source their next best find. As the sun heats up the pavement, the gates open and you get first dibs at looking around. You walk through the aisles, mesmerized by colours and textures, the twill and leather patina, the tupperware and mid-century modern decor.

This is Vintage Fest – 3 days featuring all things antique, vintage and upcycled – and a place to expect the unexpected. 


May 20-22, 2023 at Market Road Antiques in St. Jacobs

At KWFamous, we create the events we want to attend. The ones that are missing that could – and should – definitely be there. We love KW and want to show as many people as possible what makes it so great.

Vintage Fest was born out of this process. The idea for a vintage and antique show was the perfect complement to everything the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market is doing with the Market District, alongside their plans to amplify the hidden gem that is Market Road Antiques.

Be transported back in time for a vintage shopping experience you won’t forget. The festival is about exploring all things groovy and nostalgic – the three days are meant to make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. 

Come one, come all – Vintage Fest is an open invitation to everyone, whether you’re a seasoned antiquer or just want to take in the experience. Come for the fun and come for the vibes! This modern antique and vintage show will offer music, food and vintage-themed entertainment, and a place for you to get outside and get together. 

As a collaborative project, Vintage Fest will bring out the best of both the St. Jacobs Market District’s heritage and culture with KWFamous’ fun and thoughtful experiences, into one unforgettable weekend. And as the region’s first large-scale event of the season, Vintage Fest will set the tone for summer festivals and patio weather. 

What better way to spend a chill long weekend than a drive through the country to shop all things vintage? While you’re here, pick up an apple fritter at the Farmers’ Market. Grab a canoe and paddle on the beautiful Grand River. Or take a hot air balloon ride and take in Waterloo Region from the air. There isn’t much you won’t be able to find in WR. It’s a weekend-worthy adventure.


There are so many great food options at Vintage Fest, but today you choose tacos. You grab a Willibald seltzer and head under the tent to listen to a local busker play. In a few minutes, a band will hit the mainstage and then there will be performances – you hear today there will be breakdancers. The performers take you back a few decades. Everything from their music, to their clothes and attitudes. It’s 90s all around

After lunch, another coffee is needed. Stockyards’ presence calls for an iced coffee – the perfect companion to making purchase decisions. You shop along as you head to the main stage, then settle into a spot in the lounge. The couch you’re on is French Provincial, soft with crushed velvet in a deep, warm mustard yellow. It has that signature antique smell – that one of quality, age, and maybe a little dust. It’s perfect. 

After the band plays you walk the aisles one final time – doing a second look over each of the booths for any great finds you might’ve missed. You’ll definitely end up with some sort of wall art, a wild piece of clothing, and an unnecessary trinket dish. It’s a beautiful day in late spring. As you head to the exit you swing by the vintage VW van for a cute picture with your goodies. A stilt walker goes by – a surprising and unexpected delight to cap the day. You’ll head out to one of Waterloo Region’s best patios – maybe Ethel’s or Arabella – and continue on your weekend. Or maybe you’ll be back to Vintage Fest see what else is in store tomorrow…


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