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Cambridge Tour de Grand

City of Cambridge

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Cambridge Tour de GrandCambridge Tour de Grand

Sunday, June 9th, 2019

The Cambridge Tour de Grand is an annual cycling event for new and experienced cyclists. The purpose of the event is to promote cycling and a healthy lifestyle. The Tour de Grand has eleven routes spanning distances from 10 to 160 kilometres on trails, gravel or paved roads. The event attracts 3,000 riders and many volunteers, who perform tasks such as food preparation, t-shirt distribution and sign placement.

The Cambridge Tour de Grand is not a race, so the start times are staggered, with small groups starting ten minutes apart from each other. This helps to ensure riders are not crowding each other, as well as cuts down on the amount of passing required. Rides begin earlier for longer routes and can start from early to mid-morning. Rides end where they began, at Duncan McIntosh Arena in Churchill Park. Roads are not closed for the Cambridge Tour de Grand, so bicycles are required to follow all rules of the road. Participants must have a functional horn or bell and a helmet, regardless of age. Children may be towed in trailers, use a Tag Along Seat, or ride their own bicycle.

A free lunch is offered after the rides, which includes sandwiches, chips, drinks, cookies, and fruit. During the event, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are also available at the arena. In addition, there are rest stops along each route, which contain water, cookies and fruit.

Proceeds from the event are put toward the Helmets for Kids Program. Over 1,750 helmets have been supplied and distributed by the program in partnership with the Cambridge Neighbourhood Associations. The organization has also aided in bike rodeos, where children are taught bicycle safety and helmets are sized and distributed.

The Cambridge Tour de Grand website offers various forms of media showcasing previous years of the Tour.

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