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Preston Towne Centre

City of Cambridge


Preston Towne Centre is a people and pedestrian-friendly place, with a walkable core, inviting streetscape and community vibe. Poeple of all ages to come here to shop, spend time, and enjoy themselves. Centrally located in Cambridge, Preston Towne Centre is home to boutique retail shops, businesses, restaurants and more. King Street is the centrepiece, or ‘heart’, of Preston, providing access to major highways and maintaining its historic role as a community shopping, dining, and service centre. The Preston Towne Centre BIA works to promote and improve the authentic look and feel of this area.

Settled by German speaking Mennonites from Pennsylvania in the early 1800’s, this area was originally known as Cambridge Mills, because of the sawmill and gristmill that had been built there. By 1879 the area was growing, and included industries such as a foundry, carriage manufacturer, potteries and a furniture company. This was also the year that Cherry Flour Mills started, which would later become P & H Milling Group, a Preston company that still operates today.

Preston Towne Centre is a community gathering place. In spring and summer, its stores and restaurants extend beyond their doors with patios, carts, outdoor vendors and awnings. Many events and activities happen here, and outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to the extensive walking, running and biking trails that are located in Preston’s Linear Park.

Discover Preston Towne Centre – right in the heart of the city!


    761 King Street, East
    Cambridge, Ontario N3H-3N8

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