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St. Jacobs Amazing Race

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St. Jacobs Amazing RaceSt. Jacobs Amazing Race

The St. Jacobs Amazing Race is a part of the St. Jacobs Amazing Weekend. The event is a race through St. Jacobs based on the television show “The Amazing Race.” Teams of two to five people must race to complete challenges and gather clues, which give guidance to the next portion of the race. The team that finishes first, after disqualifications and penalizations are accounted for, wins a large cash prize. The race is intended to promote the village of St. Jacobs while also raising money. The St. Jacobs Amazing Race began in 2016, and acts as a fundraiser for the local Lions Club.

There are two races at the St. Jacobs Amazing Race. The first is the St. Jacobs Amazing Race Adult Edition, where teams are formed of two to four people over 18 years old. The race is more physically challenging than its alternative, as it may involve running up to five kilometres at a time. It usually spans two to three hours with the fastest time in 2017 being two hours and 54 minutes.

The other race option is the St. Jacobs Amazing Race Family Edition. The team size for this event is up to five members; up to three adults and up to four children at least five years of age are permitted. Family teams are still eligible to win an equal cash prize. The Family Edition only lasts around 90 minutes, and the fastest time in 2017 was 68 minutes. Both races have a team registration fee to make the event possible and to raise money for the St. Jacobs Lions Club.

The St. Jacobs Amazing Weekend, which the St. Jacobs Amazing Race is part of, lasts for a weekend and also features a treasure hunt and live entertainment. The weekend has featured local artist Drew Chester, children’s entertainer Erick Traplin, and DJ Mike Palmer.

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