Tourism Adaptation and Recovery Program

Tourism Adaptation and Recovery Program

Working in partnership with RTO4, Explore Waterloo Region is implementing the Tourism Adaptation and Recovery Program to help small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) and not-for-profits (NFP) in the tourism sector by supporting one-time adaptation and re-opening costs incurred to continue operating post Covid-19.

Tourism related businesses can apply for dollars towards implementation of health and safety protocols and/or renovations or equipment to accommodate social distancing. Support to be provided to small businesses (1 to 10 employees) – up to $3000, Medium size businesses (11 to 50 employees) – up to $5,000 and larger businesses (50+ employees) up to $20,000. A minimum 20% match is required by the applicant for the amount applied.

The program will directly support the tourism industry on the ground level as they adapt and recover from the effects of Covid-19. It will allow businesses throughout the region to safely re-open or remain open and will enable businesses to survive, thereby maintaining jobs and a stable economy.

For more information and to apply for funding, please refer to the links below:

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