WR United – Eat Local Program

Program Description

WR United – Eat Local is an initiative to promote eating locally either by dining on a restaurant patio, getting take-out from a food purveyor, or purchasing from growers and producers in Waterloo Region. Participation is free.
All WR United – Eat Local participants will be promoted on the #WRUnited restaurant section of the Explore Waterloo Region website and across marketing channels including social media, contesting and potentially paid media. The program commenced in June, 2020 and will likely run until the end of 2021. The target audience will be residents of Waterloo Region and visiting friends and family. Restaurants that have signed up for the WR United – Eat Local program (free to participate) also have the opportunity to host an Art Fresco picnic table.

Eligibility & Participation

Eligible participants must be an existing, locally owned establishment in Waterloo Region.
The program is FREE to participate, however registration is required using the form below.
We strongly encourage restaurants to submit a Signature Item (with photos!): a dish or beverage that is your most popular menu item or the one you’re most known for.