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The Waterloo Region Esports Commission (WREC) provides a number of services and resources to support sport event hosting. Please see below the available areas of support and should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us for more information. If you are just getting started, feel free to complete our RFP to start planning your event or contact the Vice Chair of WREC, Allister Scorgie for further information

Event Hosting Assistance

WREC provides access to financial support, as well as providing information on grant opportunities available to esports events. If you are interested in further information on event hosting grants in the region and province, please contact WREC directly.

Bid Development

WREC has extensive experience in bid development, and we can work with you to identify the key elements of your bid proposal and support you in the development of a professional bid package that highlights the best that Waterloo Region has to offer. Contact WREC to request our standardized bid documentation.

Accommodations & Housing

With hundreds of hotel rooms as well as campus housing at Conestoga College, University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University – WREC can provide a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs and work with you to secure the best option for your event by liaising with properties to develop room blocks and contracts.

Familiarization Visits

WREC can provide support in developing site visit itineraries for event organizers and connect visitors with the key stakeholder groups in the region to ensure every box is checked off during an inspection visit while providing a great hosting experience.

Esport Venues

WREC can coordinate securing any of Waterloo Region’s state of esport venues. With the combined resources of multi-municipalities, and a wide range of facility assets we can provide you all of the options to stage your event. Whether it’s a conference space, gymnasium or one of our state-of-the-art entertainment venues, we can source your venue needs for events across the Region.

Marketing, Public Relations & Social Media

Combined with the resources of Explore Waterloo Region, WREC can provide numerous supports to ensure your event is reaching the local and regional community. Depending on the scope and objectives of your event, WREC can assist you in developing a strong social media presence, contacts with media and press professionals across a large network, development of content and a presence on explorewaterloo.ca as well as press opportunities. Checkout the latest on our dedicated Twitter and LinkedIn!

Tourism & Culture

WREC can provide up to date information on things to do in Waterloo Region when competitors are off of the field of play, including attractions, group friendly restaurants & catering, city information and community events.


WREC can provide information on transportation services to and from and within Waterloo Region for visiting teams, officials and spectators. For more information on the transportation services, and airport services available, click HERE.


Need volunteers? WREC has a database of dedicated sport volunteers from across the region that can be shared for recruitment to support your event. Want to volunteer? Click HERE to sign up as an event volunteer in the our volunteer database.

In addition to our volunteers, WREC has partnered with all three post-secondary institutions in Waterloo Region, opening up a huge student pool including esports athletes, gamers and students that are interested in getting involved in events!

Advisory Services

With extensive event experience, ranging from community and regional events to some of the largest events in the world, WREC can provide a lens of expertise to support your overall event plan. WREC is available to sit on bid committees, host organizing committees and provide overall advisory support to any event in the Region of Waterloo. On top of that – WREC’s network of partners bring

Tools & Templates

WREC can provide the below supports to assist in event planning:

· Bid Evaluation

· Economic Impact Evaluation

· Event Contract Template

· National and International Contacts

· Bid Template

· Event Marketing Template

· Transition Plan Template

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