African Lion Safari


Go Wild at Canada’s Original Safari Adventure! African Lion Safari is a Canadian-owned family business that opened in 1969. Their approach to animal exhibits is different than traditional methods – The visitor is caged in their vehicle and the animals roam free in 5 to 50 acre reserves. With seven large Game Reserves, totalling 750 acres, animals such as lions, giraffes, rhinos, zebras, and many more are free to roam in a more spacious environment.

Drive through the 9 km Game Reserve for an up-close look at a number of species of birds and animals, many of which are classified as endangered or threatened. See zebras, lions, eland, rhinos, ostriches, and many more!  Their goal is to display animals in a safe manner that gives all visitors a unique viewing opportunity. African Lion Safari has earned an international reputation for their care, management, and breeding of endangered species, and always ensures their animals receive the best treatment possible.

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