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When you visit a region that is known as the ‘home’ of the Blue Box recycling program, you know you’re in a place that takes sustainability seriously!

Waterloo Region is growing a culture of sustainability that’s as green as the vast countryside you’ll find here. Incredible food is grown within a few miles of our restaurants, and local chefs are committed to using these farm fresh ingredients that don’t have to travel far as inspiration for their menus. Throughout the region, active transportation is supported by over 500 km of on-road bike lanes and shared-use trails – perfect for getting around on 2 feet or two wheels (in fact, the City of Waterloo is recognized as a Gold Bicycle Friendly Community by the Share the Road Cycling Coalition). And, companies within Waterloo Region’s dynamic tech ecosystem are creating technologies that support the United Nations Sustainable Development goals (Waterloo’s TD Sustainable Future Lab is Ontario’s only incubation space dedicated to sustainable solutions for creating prosperity in the community and protecting our planet.)

At Explore Waterloo Region we are working with local venues and suppliers to integrate sustainability into every event planning conversation. We have also signed the Sustainable Tourism 2030 Pledge and are committed to improving the social, cultural, environmental, and economic performance of our industry.

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