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Anna Mae’s Restaurant and Bakery

Family owned and operated, Anna Mae’s Restaurant and Bakery is an excellent choice for Mennonite meals and baking. Located in Millbank, Anna Mae’s has 20+ freshly baked desserts and 18+ homemade pies every day, including gluten free options. They specialize in Mennonite cooking and baking, and offer a number of specials that include a choice of meat, potato, vegetable, and dinner role.

Anna Mae Wagler, a local Mennonite lady, started baking pies in her home in 1978 and sold them at the end of her laneway. In 1996, after years of overwhelming demand for her cooking and baking, Anna Mae moved out of her home in order to make space to expand the business.

In 2001, Anna Mae sold her business to Marlene and Mel Herrfort with a promise to operate under the same business practices and principles. In May 2015, the restaurant was featured on the Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here”.

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