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a chocolate and orange milkshake on a table at a 50's style diner
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Milkshakes to say goodbye to summer

by Andrew Coppolino The milkshake – and its forgotten great-grandfather “the malted” – has a long and storied history. Now or 100 years ago, the frosty beverages are a perfect…

inside view of abe erb
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Walkable / Eatable Uptown Waterloo

by Andrew Coppolino Uptown Waterloo: pick a block. Any block. From Union Street to Central Street, the centre of the city is chock-a-block full of restaurants and eateries, brew pubs…

Feast ON logo
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Feast ON Restaurants in Waterloo Region

BY ANDREW COPPOLINO Initiated by the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance (OCTA), “Feast ON” is a certification program that recognizes businesses — and that would be mostly restaurants – committed to…

farm gates waterloo region, honour stands waterloo region, farm markets waterloo region, produce stands
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Farm Gates in Waterloo Region

Plan Your Route Use the map below to plan your farm gate stand tour through Waterloo Region. Find everything from fresh produce and meat to flowers and maple syrup. Please…

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