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a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas.

The spirit of vanguard lives in Waterloo Region.

It’s here you will discover a Region of barn raisers and innovators – pioneers from diverse fields who are on the leading edge of technology, sustainability, research, creativity and collaboration.

It’s this spirit of vanguard that makes Waterloo Region an amazing place to live and work. Known for its innovative spirit, first-rate facilities, and vibrant communities, Waterloo Region offers a multitude of opportunities for visitors, businesses and sports organizations.

Why Waterloo Region?

The Vanguard Collection features interviews with notable local thought leaders who answer the question “Why Waterloo Region?”
By sharing their experiences and perspectives, the diverse leaders featured in the Vanguard Collection explain why they chose Waterloo Region, and why this vibrant community continues to invent the future.

Let Waterloo Region inspire you.

The Vanguard Collection

Malcolm Gladwell – Author, Journalist & Public Speaker
Chris Woodcroft – High Performance Director, Wrestling Canada Lutte
Dorothy McCabe – Mayor of the City of Waterloo
Tova Davidson – Executive Director, Sustainable Waterloo Region
David Edgar – Former National Soccer Team Player
Eric Traplin – Children’s Entertainer & Musician
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