Better Together


Jon Johnson

Instagram: @brfc
Table Location:
Short Finger Brewing Co.
20 Hurst Avenue, Kitchener, ON N2G 2Z7
Artist Concept Statement:
Jon’s concept was to use the table to promote happiness and inclusivity with bold text and graphics.
Reason for Participating in Art Fresco Public Art Project:
Jon loves being a part of the Waterloo Region community and loves spreading messages throughout in design. Painting a picnic table for the Art Fresco project is a great way to share a message in large format for everyone to see.
Artist Background:
Jon is a self-taught graphic designer and has been creating art since 2005. He has made countless designs for numerous local businesses including Princess Cinemas, the Starlight, Jane Bond, the Kitchener Public Library and has made countless designs for numerous local businesses.

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