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The Nature of Bridgeport

Allie-Marie Piggott

AMPlify Designs
Table Location:
The Lancaster Smokehouse
574 Lancaster Street West, Kitchener, ON N2K 1M3
Artist Concept Statement:
Allie-Marie’s concept is her personal celebration of Waterloo region. As a nature and animal lover, she wanted to showcase the natural beauty that envelops the region, and the Bridgeport Bridge is a landmark that will always remind her of home.
Reason for Participating in Art Fresco Public Art Project:
Allie-Marie’s love and fascination of art inspired her to be a part of the Art Fresco Project. She has a strong connection with art and wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to share her art with others.
Artist Background:
Allie-Marie began taking a serious interest in drawing in grade school, and her passion grew through her years at Bluevale Collegiate in Waterloo. She received formal training at Conestoga College and Algonquin College, and has since worked as a graphic designer. For the last two years she’s been working with a local DIY company called Nailed It Nite, where she has been able to showcase and teach art in fun workshops. She loves creating art not only for her own artistic growth, but for the possibility that she’s made someone else’s day that much brighter.
You can find and purchase her art through her business, AMPlify Designs.

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