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Beertown Public House Cambridge

Beertown Public House Cambridge is the original Beertown location. Since 2009 their goal has been to create a modern beer bar where guests feel welcome. Beertown is about community, fresh food, and great beer!

Beertown Public House is a fusion of a retro public house and a modern beer bar, built around a chef driven kitchen. It features 30 draught lines including 7 rotational taps that continually change to offer an ever-evolving selection of craft beer. Their regular drafts include brews from Block Three Brewing, Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company, and Innocente Brewing Company. Beertown also has a vast selection of bottled ales and lagers, and is home to the Fusion Tower – first introduced to Canada by Beertown! The fusion tower takes draught beer and infuses it with ingredients chosen by Beertown. Enjoy their new fusions every week.

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