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Thursday, March 11, 2021
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm ET

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Welcome // Allister Scorgie of Explore Waterloo Region

1v1 // Ed Tomasi of Subnation with Richard Henkel at Odyssey Interactive
Business Profile // Amuka Esports (Ben Feferman)
Founded in 2019, Amuka Esports is one of Canada’s leader in gaming venues, tournaments and leagues. They also operate the professional team Parabellum Esports. The goal of Amuka Esports is to create esports hubs or clusters around cities in Canada.
Panel // The ESA of Canada
How the communities who MAKE games become the best communities to HOST events and activities.
Business Profile // Uniting Gamers (Josh Peacock)
Social Lounge // Networking and Private Meetings
Keynote // The State of Play/Results of Esports Market Study (Ed Tomasi)
A local, regional and industry overview presented from the results of the recent Waterloo Region Esports Market Study. Learn how ESPORTS READY Waterloo Region is and what the strategy will be for the NOW and NEXT.
Business Profile // Sports Camps Canada (Kye Browning)
Panel // Esports + Higher Education = Future
Learn how local educational institutions are empowering students and developing long-term programs through esports and gaming initiatives.

1v1 // Doug Scott of Subnation with David Peacock of SimpleView
Virtual Networking Lounge // Networking and Private Meetings (45 minutes)
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