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See the wildlife of Africa, Eurasia, Australia, South America, and more in just one day at African Lion Safari. Browse the thousands of exotic birds and animals while touring through the park’s seven Game Reserves during this family-friendly adventure. From the infamous drive through safari to the “African Queen” boat cruise to cooling off in the Misumu Bay Wet Play area, there is plenty to see and do at African Lion Safari this summer.

Take in a wide variety of animals during the one-hour long safari adventure. This narrated tour provides insightful information about each species, conservation efforts, as well as close-up views of the animals.

Bird Demonstration - African Lion SafariThere is also a parrot paradise presentation, a birds of prey flying demonstration, and an Elephants & Friends presentation. Visitors will see birds and animals showcasing their natural abilities and incredible intelligence. Visitors can also see the Asian elephants journey to a scenic swim area twice a day, where they splash, play, and cool off.

During a long day “On Safari”, be sure to take the kids to Misumu Bay Wet Play. Please note that the wet play area opens at 11 a.m. Check out the Beachwear Shop located at the entrance of Misumu Bay Wet Play – they’ve got you covered!

African Lion Safari wet play structureThere are several dining options at the park, with everything from hamburgers and pizza to funnel cakes and ice cream. Don’t forget to take home a souvenir before leaving! There are gift shops, as well as a photo station where you can dress up and capture your family’s safari adventure memories!

African Lion Safari is open this season until October 9th.

Conservation Facts
  • There are only an estimated 12,000 cheetahs left in the wild. African Lion Safari began working on cheetah conservation in 2001 in conjunction with other North American zoological parks in order to rejuvenate the species’ numbers. In 2008, African Lion Safari was awarded the highest honour handed out by Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums – the Thomas Baines Award for outstanding achievements in Cheetah Breeding and Management.
  • Elephant conservation efforts have been in place at African Lion Safari since 1984. The park is also a founding member of the not-for-profit International Elephant Foundation, which supports elephant conservation projects worldwide. Eighteen elephants have been born at the park with African Lion Safari maintaining one of the most successful conservation programs for Asian elephants in the world.
  • African Lion Safari maintains the largest herd of giraffe in Canada. In October 2007, African Lion Safari was recognized by Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA) with the “Outstanding Achievement Award” for its work in Giraffe Management and Reproductive Research. On December 31st, 2013, African Lion Safari welcomed “Safari”, Canada’s first artificially inseminated giraffe (and only second in the world!) In 2014, African Lion Safari was awarded the Thomas Baines Award for outstanding achievements in Artificial Reproduction. In 2016, African Lion Safari welcomed the first giraffe born from frozen semen ever, in the world!

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