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It’s Tuesday, and just outside the village of St. Jacobs there’s excitement in the air!

What’s so exciting about a Tuesday (other than it means we’re one day closer to the weekend)? Here it’s not so much about the day, it’s about the place. Beginning June 11th, 2019, Tuesday Market Days return for the summer at the St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market! Produce vendors, food vendors and all of the booths filled with unique crafts and their makers are set up and ready to welcome the thousands of people who stop by on any given Market day (the market is open year round on Thursdays and Saturdays). Even with the crowds, there’s a sense this is a place where you can shop and relax (yes – relax!), and discover vendors who are happy to talk, and share the stories behind their products.

Meet the Makers at Peddler’s Village

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Owner Britney Hussey, Bebe Berd

Peddler’s Village at the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market is a great place to experience these unique vendor connections. At Bebe Berd, owner and mompreneur Britney Hussey greets visitors as she sews her latest creations right in her booth. Britney took her skills as a designer for a large children’s clothing chain and launched her own company in 2017 after the birth of her second child (kudos to her husband for encouraging her to come up with her own line of children’s clothing: Britney will tell you the whole story!). Many of her designs stem from her personal experiences as a mom (ie. a daughter who would cry when she tried to pull outfits on over her head, so Bebe Berd pull-up outfits were created to solve the problem). Bebe Berd features trendy, colourful clothing for sizes 0-3 mos. up to 5T, and also accepts custom orders. Britney is a big supporter of other mommy businesses and carries accessories at her booth created by fellow mompreneurs.

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Owner Hina Glazer, Artesano

Over at Artesano in Peddler’s Village, vendor Hina Glazer is always happy to talk with visitors and tell them all about the handcrafted Mexican enamelware, ceramic skulls and hand-carved wooden items that fill her booth.

All of the items she stocks are authentic Mexican creations (she can tell you all about the artists who make them!), and have been personally sourced and chosen by Hina and her husband from the Oaxaca region of Mexico. Hina loves that Artesano is making a difference in the lives of the artists and their families by supporting them, while also connecting Canadians to a rich, Mexican art scene. Ceramic skulls are Artesano’s most popular item (kids love them, thanks to the animated movie “Coco”), however enamelware is also sought after by visitors. Each piece of enamelware is hand-dipped and hand-crafted so no two pieces are the same. And they’re not just beautiful pieces, they’re also functional additions to any home.

Lots of Food to Enjoy at the Market, or Take Home

While you’re taking in the Tuesday market at Peddler’s Village, don’t forget to treat your inner foodie to a real culinary experience! From a fritter at Funnel Cloud (note: they feature apple, banana and strawberry fritters!), steak and kidney pies from British Baked Goods, to chorizos, gluten-free treats and traditional Market Grill fare, you’ll find treats for every tastebud! Top it off with a beverage from Carole’s Coffee (the lattes are not only delicious, you can enjoy the fact they’re made using Fair Trade coffee), and you’re all set.

Meet the producers and makers, and be part of the excitement at the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market! Open 7 am to 3:30 pm Thursdays and Saturdays year round – and remember to check out the market Tuesdays during the summer months!

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