Cracked Eggs

Amy Esplen

Table Location:
Coming to a patio near you Spring 2021!
Artist Concept Statement:
Kitchener-Waterloo is a region full of talented chefs, making food that we are raving over. The truth is many people have go-to restaurants in the region, but do they know the people behind their favourite food? Through this pandemic, the culinary industry has been fighting to make ends meet. In an industry that was already blood, sweat and small margins, Amy believes now is the time to recognize the chefs in our community, and to say thank you for their years of dedication to good food. This design is a collage of local chefs in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Amy hopes this project is about more than a place to sit, but tells a story and leads people to learn more about the people behind their favourite food.
Reason for Participating in Art Fresco Public Art Project:
Amy is a local graphic designer and server. She first moved to this area two years ago when she helped her boyfriend, a chef, run a food truck in St. Jacobs. Working in the industry gave her a first hand look at the mental health strains, hard working conditions, long hours and below-average pay that plague the industry. Many chefs in the region are advocating for the hospitality industry in order to affect real change. The Art Fresco Project was a way for Amy to highlight the amazing chefs in Waterloo Region for the work they are doing and the movement they are starting.
Artist Background:
Amy is inspired by obscurity and using what she has on hand to create and explore new perspectives. She is currently a Graphic Designer at Him & Her Inc. in Kitchener.

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