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Water Surface with Lily Pads

Diane Boyer

Table Location:
Coming to a patio near you Spring 2021!
Artist Concept Statement:
Waterloo Region is densely populated, but it is also filled with pockets of natural beauty, especially lively and reflective water surfaces co-created by wildlife. In Diane’s concept, the table top is a reflective pool seen from above, perhaps from the balcony of an apartment building or the window of an office tower. Someone seeing the picnic table from that vantage can enjoy a surprise pocket of brilliantly coloured moving water, and enjoy a moment of meditative relief in their busy day, or a family could set their picnic lunch out on the surface and imagine a floating meal as if they were seated on lily pads. The seats of the picnic table depict an array of lily pads and other floating plants. The table top is abstracted fluid ripples as if a duck had just passed by, or a stone had just been thrown into the water.
Reason for Participating in Art Fresco Public Art Project:
Having just relocated to Waterloo Region from Toronto, Diane has been actively seeking ways to participate in the cultural life of the area. She also enjoys the wonderful trails and waterways of Cambridge and Kitchener. The Art Fresco Art Project marries these two perfectly.
Artist Background:
Diane has lived most of her life in Ontario and British Columbia. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University, and a Master of Museum Studies degree from University of Toronto. She has spent most of her artistic life exploring the nature of water surfaces and natural terrain through sculpture, printmaking, painting and most recently photography. She is delighted to now be living in Preston (Cambridge), only a block from the Speed River trails where she spends most mornings walking and contemplating.

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