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Boardwalk Homes Executive Guest Houses & Suites

Boardwalk Homes provides executive guest homes to travellers for both business and pleasure. They are an alternative choice to hotels and bed and breakfasts, offering more privacy, space, and amenities. There are three types of guest rooms, as well as private condos and entire homes to be rented.

Renting an entire house is convenient for larger groups, such as wedding parties or multiple business travellers, and offers superior privacy as well as sole access to the kitchen, washing machine and dryer. Smaller groups can rent rooms for prices comparable to hotel prices. Condos can also be rented, and are private.

Amenities offered by Boardwalk Homes include access to a washing machine, dryer, full kitchen, telephone, high-speed internet, television, and parking. A business station is also provided for those who wish to work while renting their space.

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