March Maple Syrup Madness!

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jars of amber coloured maple syrup from Snyder Heritage Farms in Bloomingdale
Maple Syrup from Snyder Heritage Farms (Photo: Andrew Coppolino)

by Andrew Coppolino

Farmer and organic maple syrup producer Kevin Snyder has a formula for calculating what the volume of the year’s sap harvest will be and the quality of the luscious sweet syrup produced – and he delivers it with the gently wry inflection that only a seasoned farmer can.

“If you can accurately forecast the weather,” Snyder says, “I can give you an accurate estimate of the quality of this year’s maple syrup.”

Kevin and Anne Snyder own and operate Snyder Heritage Farms, a fifth-generation local institution in Bloomingdale practicing sustainable forest management and using reverse osmosis to reduce sap to syrup before hot-packing, labeling, and grading and marking it for traceability.

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