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Getting to Know the Township of Wellesley

With its scenic rural views and winding country roads, it’s no wonder cyclists include the Township of Wellesley on their routes, and visitors come to explore. 

The township is made up of several small communities, including Heidelberg, St. Clements, Linwood, and Wallenstein. There’s also the village of Wellesley, a growing community that is home to the annual Wellesley Apple Butter and Cheese Festival held on the last Saturday of September each year. This village swells to upwards of 40,000 for the day, as visitors come to try their hand at horseshoe pitching, jump aboard a coach ride, tour local farms and bite into traditional German fare, including schnitzel on a bun and mouth-watering apple fritters. 

The township’s strong Mennonite routes are still evident today. Tour through the countryside and you’ll see Mennonite families working on their farms and in their fields. Choosing to live a simpler life, they farm the old-fashioned way using teams of horses to pull plows and gather harvests from their fields.  

Farm gate sales and “honour stands” are a part of the countryside in Wellesley. The township roads are full of laneways which lead you to these roadside stands. There you’ll discover fresh, local produce including honey, summer sausage and sweet corn. And instead of a store with a cash register, you leave your money in a box and “on your honour” as you head home with your purchases. 

Enjoy a road trip and let the gravel roads lead you as you explore the Township of Wellesley! 

3 Things to Experience while in Wellesley Township

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