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Santa Claus Parades in Waterloo Region

It’s the Holiday Season, so get ready to enjoy the sights and sounds of the annual 2019 Santa Claus Parades! We’ve made it easy for you to know when the Man in Red will be arriving in your town: after all, Santa isn’t the only one making lists!

Virtual Waterloo

Virtual Waterloo is an immersive video series that gives people the experience of visiting Waterloo Region so they can explore before they visit!

There are Lessons to be Learned during a Pandemic

Despite a food and beverage industry that’s been hurt badly, there are positive steps and outcomes that can be taken away from our Covid-19 nightmare and used in the future. The restaurant industry is nothing if not adaptive and able to pivot, to use a popular new term.

Waterloo Region dives into esports with Subnation

esports Insider – Explore Waterloo Region has partnered with gaming and esports media and marketing platform Subnation.
The two organizations will collaborate to assess and develop esports-focused business and event opportunities in the Waterloo region.

chef in the kitchen of Homestyle Diner in Waterloo putting up a couple of completed meals to be picked up by the wait staff

Eat Like a Local: Breakfast Spots

While your average breakfast may be a bowl of cereal, in Waterloo Region there are lots of great places to enjoy a more upscale morning meal featuring everything from pancakes and waffles dripping with maple syrup, made to order omelettes, bacon and eggs and more! Dine in or enjoy at home.

Raise a Cheer to Waterloo Region Pubs!

The pub, tavern, the neighbourhood local, the public house: call it what you will, your favourite casual food-and-beverage watering hole with sports on the TVs is your favourite because you love it, you feel comfortable there and it’s an oasis from the week’s (or the day’s) toils.

the Embassy Marque outdoor venue around the pond at Bingemans

Bingemans offers new tented venue for large celebrations

KitchenerToday July 28, 2020 – Bingemans has put together a new tented venue called “The Embassy Marquee” which is a 60′ x 100′ hawker-style tent designed for hosting events and weddings, while maintaining the province’s guidelines on social distancing.

four all ice cream, ice cream waterloo region, food waterloo region, ice cream kitchener

3 Ways to Beat the Heat in Waterloo Region

We’ve all spent enough time indoors, so now it’s time to head outside and find ways to enjoy what this region has to offer – with some stops built in to help you beat the heat! 
Need some inspiration? Here are 3 ways to help you keep your cool on your next outdoor adventure!  

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